Sunday, 29 May 2011

Busy Week

Well what a busy week this week will be kids being home from school and trying to entertain them took them out to the Plymouth Aquarium last week which was quite pricey but now i have a pass that lets me in for free for the next 12 months which is pretty fab....

We also went down to the Barbican where they had HMS Bounty on display which was used in the second Pirates of the Caribbean film the boys thought that was fab, and it gave me a chance to use my new Nikon Coolpix S9100 that i won from TNT Magazine via their twitter comp. The camera is really great and it takes great pictures and the video footage is brilliant and films in HD ill never miss a moment again it now goes every where with me ...

I also won a Union Jack Flip which is so small and handy and will be great if i ever want to film the kids but i don't want to take my camera with me ...always wanted one of these i am such a gadget girl at heart so if anyone out there has a gadget they want me to review i would be happy to help. I also won a competition on Plugged In this week where i reviewed the fridge i bought from Appliances Online if you click here you can read my review that one me a Acer EEE Pad i will be reviewing this once it arrives ..... can't wait, but back to Appliances online if any one has a spare moment would they please check out there facebook page and check out my video and click the like button and leave a comment i am hoping i may get a phone call from them soon and hopefully finally get my wish and get a brand new Washing machine as i am in need of one so badly i have posted a new pic just to show you what is happening to my washing machine being outside in the cold all the time its making the inside of the washing machine go all mildew which is ruining the clothes so i would love to get a new one and have it installed inside the house so this wont happen again ......
So please if you could spare just a moment i would love to be here next week talking about how great my new washing machine is and how a LG Direct Drive washing machine changed my life ....... And if you are in need of a new appliance your self then go to there facebook page and you can also summit your own video plea and maybe you too might be lucky enough to get your wish come true ... as long as i am first ha ha ha well thats it for tonight folks must dash working tomorrow ..... and on Tuesday i have my driving lesson scary .... bought my theory book the other day so might go to bed and do some reading .... night world

Thursday, 26 May 2011

New Comp From Game People Win shrek Tickets and more !

 New comp here from the guys at Game People easy comp to enter and such a fab prize to win too

Star Prize Tickets to Shrek and Wii/DS/PS3 videogame bundle (RRP 140):
  • 2 Tickets to see Shrek the Musical 30
  • 7 Wonders II DS Game 29.99
  • 101 in 1 Sports MegaMis DS 19.99
  • 101 in 1 Sports MegaMis Wii 19.99
  • Michael Jackson Experience PlayStation 3 39.99

All you have to do is follow this Link and read the terms and condtions and follow the easy steps to enter


This might look hard, but trust me its very simple to do and i will tell you how to do it .....

Cake Recipe

12oz Self- Raising Flour
3 Eggs
250 Grams of Unsalted Butter
8oz Sugar
1 Tbsp Vanilla Essence
1 Tsp Baking Powder
Drop of Milk

(If you find this does not make enough for the tins you are using than repeat but use half the stated quantities so use 6oz of flour 4oz of sugar and so on ) 

Butter Cream Recipe 

6oz of Icing sugar
125 Grams of butter
Milk or a little hot water
1 Tsp of flavouring if you want to 

(Add coco powder to make a chocolate butter cream you will have to add a little bit more butter for this)


  • Mix all the ingredients into a food mixer or bowl once mixed get five small round cake tins i use 8" tins pour the mixture into the five pans.
  • I use Sugarflair gel food colouring its a little bit more pricey but lasts longer and the colour is so vibrant too. mix a tiny bit of each colour into each pan.
  • pop the cake's into the over on 150f fora round 45 mins or until they looked cooked it worth using a knife or one of those cake testers (must get one of these) to see if the cake is cooked all the way through.
  • Once the cake is baked and cooled down get a sharp knife and cut the top layer of the cake to leave a smooth round finished  and brush of any cake crumbs around the surface. (this works better once the cake has been chilled or left to cool).
  • No you can use either Jam or butter cream spread a layer on to the top of each cake and stack them in order of the colours of the rainbow.
  • Now you need to make the butter cream recipe and once made you have to cover the whole cake , don't worry about any loose crumbs this first layer is used to keep the crumbs at bay once covered leave to cool and set.
  • Now you can use a chocolate butter cream or colour the butter cream you are using to decorate the final bit of the cake .... cover all around the cake either smooth it out or use a choppy effect like mine to add different looks to the cake and you can use hundreds and thousand edible glitter possibility are endless.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Well guys, the day is finally here! We are giving away £200/day in Love2Shop vouchers over the next 8 weeks, not to mention the grand prize of £10k CASH on the 17th July... but you have to be in it to win it so just follow the link to register and find out how you can win. Oh, and GOOD LUCK!!! 
We don't think it's fair that there is just going to be one winner! So how about we give away £200 in Love2Shop vouchers every day for the next 8 weeks? So another 56 winners and £11,200 in vouchers added to that already HUGE £10,000 cash jackpot?
click this link to find out more and register to being the chance of winning £200 

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Appliances Online And LG here my plea! from a mummy in need!

hi guys this is my story please help me get a new washing machine i am a mum of three and my current washing can't keep up with my family's active lifestyle from school to dancing,swimming and after school clubs my washing pile mounts up all the time. With four beds to clean and towels to wash my pile never seems to shrink  as you can see i am much need for one my washing machine is in there somewhere but this is all i do and i never get any mummy! time and don't have alot of time to dedicate to kids as  my washing never seems to go away My washing machine lives out in the shed so if its raining yes that's right i get wet !!  the reason for this is that it is too noisy and the it keeps the kids up at night because it is always on. But i have seen this great new LG Direct Drive washing machine that is super quite so it can be put inside the house so no more trips out in the garden  it also has a much bigger drum so less washing loads and it can a duvet so no more trips to laundrette if my kids spill a drink or have a accident, some models also feature a Steam Wash that delves deep into clothes with molecules 1,600 times smaller than water (which must be fab for getting stains out and keeping you clothes looking there best). I have also heard some models play music which is pretty cool if i say so myself being a bit of lover of all things quirky i am sure i will like this as much as my kids. Like  i said i am a mum of three so i cant afford a new one at the moment as money can be quite tight but maybe if you like this video you may be able to help me get a new washing machine ........i am sure there is a fairy washing machine mother out there some where .....
If you could go to Appliances online Facebook page and look for my 1st Video and then my 2nd Video and like them and even add a comment on them maybe offering me some personal ironing service would be nice lol (cough cough)  i'm not joking ha ha !!! if i can prove to LG that i am a mother in need then maybe just maybe they will let they just might answer my wish and give me a brand new washing machine......

p.s if they do ill review it for them too and let the whole world know how great they are i am not sucking up of course ..... okay maybe just a little!!!!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Here For A Day

 Here For A Day are a UK based Daily deal site which always as something on offer that will appeal to everyone whether you live on your own or have a family ..... Every day for 24hrs they place new offers on there site and crazily reduced prices that you can buy anywhere else online. If you like there facebook page you can get product previews and exclusive facebook offers too

Just remember its only availble for 24hrs or until they have sold out so be quick they wont be on offer long.....

also i bought something there this week once in arrives look on for my review on what i bought which is a Culinare OneTouch Automatic Power Grater.....

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Win a Dell Inspiron Laptop

 Great comp from the guys Buzzseed they are giving away a Dell laptop so get you skates on click the link to find out how you can win one of these bad boys a maybe one of us will be lucky !!!

Lucky Dust to all!!

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Hi guys just a heads up to say this comp is still on only for 1 month more so get your skates on and enter i have tweeted and shared the link on my facebook as well just in case you have missed it........ lets hope some gets lucky and win the fab prize its easy to enter and the more people you invite the better your chances of winning so hurry up time is running out fast!!!! tick tock tick tock !!!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Winner of my Comp!!!

Congrats Kikicomp i shall buy the voucher tomorrow and get it posted on thrusday for you well done and thanks for the like again please keep a look out as i will be hosting another comp here soon if i get my washing machine and i may have another surprise comp soon i will let you guy know soon .....

Sunday, 8 May 2011

PG comp plus free samples

Learn all you need to know about growing your own fruit and vegetable patch so you can cook mouth-watering dishes fresh from your garden, courtesy of The New Ones, from PG tips!
One lucky reader and a friend will discover everything from digging, raking and seed sowing techniques to crop planting and nurturing on this one day course at Pillerton Priors, Warwickshire. You'll also cover seasonal topics such as herb gardens, salad crops and creating edible hanging baskets. This course will help you benefit from the unrivalled fresh taste of home grown fruit and veg.
Courtesy of The New Ones, the new range of fresh-tasting tea from PG tips, this prize includes a grow your own fruit and veg workshop; two course locally sourced lunch followed by tea and cakes and an overnight stay at a local hotel. If that wasn't enough, you also get a selection of vegetable, herb and fruit seeds delivered to you afterwards, to get you started.

What's more, three lucky runners up will receive a year's supply of The New Ones, from PG tips! Designed to suit different tastes and times throughout the day you can sit back and enjoy The Fresh One, The Strong One and The Delicate One – cup, after cup, after cup.
Closing date for this competition is midnight, 31 July, 2011. The winner will be notified and the prize delivered after this date.

Plus if you r quick they are giving away  sample pack of The New Ones from PG tips Be quick – only 4,500 sample packs available.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Great Comp to Win VIP tickets to Rockness

very easy to enter  just follow the link and like there page and click on the tab to enter simples really ..... the only thing is its only open to the UK and you must be over 18 to enter!/

Neep help Please !!! Plus a comp to say thanks !!!

please can you all help me if you could all go to
 and like my video if i get more likes then the other video i will get a new washing machine please help me .......

right here is the fun part i shall be running a comp to say thanks for everyone who likes my video and follows my blog  so all you have to do is this.

To enter:
  • Mandatory- Subscribe to my blog, either click the google follow button on the right or the RSS feed one and leave me a comment to say you have done so and that you liked my video , making sure you leave me  a comment on here so i now you have done it and so i have a way to contact you if you are the lucky winner.
  • For an extra entry - Tweet I'm in to #win a £10 voucher from #ktbennettcomp go here to enter too
  • If i am successful in winning a new washing machine i will then select another winner to win another £10 voucher so there could be two prizes up for grabs here
Terms and conditions:
  • The competition closes 12 Noon 9 May 2011
  • The winner will be contacted within 3 working days of the giveaway closing
  • Open to UK & Ireland residents only
  • The voucher will be poster recorded to the winner
  • The prize is not transferable and there is no cash alternative